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Here at Kuhn Corp Print & Packaging we help you market it. We help you market your brand, product, property, company, services and store with premium print and packaging solutions. We help you create more than just an impression, we help you leave your mark.

We are a local, family owned eco conscious print and packaging store in Brisbane specialising in environmentally friendly inks and packaging made from recyclable materials. Thank you for choosing green and supporting us.

Our Approach

At Kuhn Corp we are committed to environmental sustainability and are recognised by Sustainable Green Print (SGP) with the highest level of sustainability practices in our store. Additionally, we have been supplying 100% recycled plastic PET egg packaging since 2007 for our Aussie farmers and our international clients.

Sustainable practices we follow: Environmental friendly inks, Solar powered fuelled print machines & factory, Recycling plates & aluminum, Recycling contaminated rags, Recycling all Paper and cardboard , Growing our 100% Recylced Plastic packaging range, PLUS Recommending our clients choose recycled products! Earning us a level 3 (out of 3) sustainable green print tick of approval!♻️ ✅

Environmental Policy

Kuhn Corp Environmental Management System Environmental Procedure

Kuhn Corp Print Pty Ltd are implementing and promoting environmentally sound printing practices. By recommending recycled paper, soya-based inks and reducing our waste streams (from paper to water) and reducing electricity consumption we are working to continuously to reduce our environmental footprint...


Our main environmental impacts lie with quantities of waste that can be recycled and the possibility of chemical spills. Through the Sustainable Green Print (SGP) system and its objectives and targets we aim to continually improve these business aspects. Kuhn Corp Print Pty Ltd will comply with the applicable environmental legislation standards, industry codes of practice and procedures that we subscribe to. Continual improvement will be ensured by implementing environmental policies, procedures and programs to address the environmental costs and impacts of our business. We will achieve this by:


Developing and maintaining an Environmental Management System (EMS) that will enable us to set and review environmental objectives on a yearly basis. We will produce documentation whilst monitoring our overall environmental performance. Managing environmental systems with adequate resources, staff and external suppliers and contractors that have undergone adequate training where necessary to ensure policy compliance. Committing to the prevention of pollution, focusing on minimizing the release of contaminants into the environment and the efficient use of raw materials to conserve natural resources. Disposing of all unrecyclable waste in a manner that complies with local laws and policies whilst being environmentally friendly where possible.


Communicating our commitment to environmental quality and performance to our employees, vendors, customers and external stakeholders. To continue our environmental efforts, we will ensure the following implementations are sustained:The increased stringency of paper and cardboard recycling, resulting in an overall increase in recycled matter to the point where all recyclable waste is recycled and none is directed to landfill; Recommendation of recycled paper products to clients;


Use of environmentally friendly inks; Recycling of contaminated rags; Recycling of all plates and aluminum; Promoting the use of renewable green energy in the form of Solar installation; and Committing to a program of continual improvement through setting and tracking environmental objectives and targets that reach all business impacts.

Management at all levels of Kuhn Corp Print Pty Ltd are responsible for ensuring that this policy is communicated and adhered to by all employees and subcontractors, and that it is made available to interested members of the public. Walter Kuhn Managing Director

Date Created: 08/02/2010
Date Revised: 15/01/2020
Revision Number: 6

Our Awards

A huge thank you to our amazing staff and clients for helping us achieve such a great result in the annual Queensland Printing Industry Awards each year. 2021 was a record year for us, being awarded:

Gold for Small business printer of the year
Gold Printer of the year (packaging)
Gold Printer of the year (offset) 🙌🏻

Along with 6x Silver Awards and 2x Bronze Awards!

Queensland Industry Awards

2021 Gold - Small business printer of the year Gold - Printer of the year (Packaging) Gold - Printer of the year (Offset)
2019 Silver – Point of Sale Bronze – Self Promotion Bronze – Book Printing (Digital)
2017 Gold – Calendars Bronze – Self Promotion
2016 Gold – Regional / Small Business Bronze – Regional / Small Business
2015 Bronze – Regional/Small Business
2014 Silver – Regional / Small Business
2013 Gold – 15 or Less Employees Bronze – Calendars


2012 Gold – 15 or Less Employees / AECL Calendar Silver – Calendars Bronze – 15 or Less Employees / Queensland Government – JAG
2011 Gold – Small Business Entries / 10 or Less Employees Bronze – Self Promotion
2009 Bronze – 10 or Less Employees
2008 Bronze – 10 or less Employees
1995 Bronze – Four Colour Printing on a One Colour Press
World Heritage Art Certificate of appreciation

National Industry Awards

We are stoked to have achieved great results in the National Print Awards since 2012

2019 Silver for Creative Sustainability Award
2017/2018 Silver for Calendars
2013 Bronze for Calendars
2012 Silver for Small Printing Award – Calendars

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